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Read below to see what my clients have to say about our services!

Sylvia was recommended by a trusted friend when I started house shopping. As we are buyers for the first time, and we are also new to this area, Sylvia explain in great detail about house purchasing process, neighborhoods, and answered our questions patiently, no matter how stupid these questions were!


Then she quickly understood the key points in our requirements, searched on the market every week, and show us the houses one by one tirelessly. For each house we visited, she pointed to us what was good, what was not, and what need to pay attend to. We are really impressed by her expertise. When we were satisfied with a house, she gave us objective suggestions about what price we should offer, by studying recently sold homes in the neighborhood, and her understanding of current market trend. When our offer was accepted, she began to cooperate with lender, seller agent and escrow diligently, so we could close in about half a month.


Overall, our experience of first house purchase was quite smooth, and we are very satisfied with Sylvia, and would like to recommend to other friends strongly.


Home: 34794 Siward Drive, Fremont, Ca 94555 

Date: November 20, 2014 

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****

-Andrew L. & Xiaolu L.

I highly recommend Sylvia to those who want great results and be engaged in the home selling process! When I was preparing to sell my home in Fremont, I wanted to hire an agent who would be a partner—honest and communicative —and by whom I would be well represented. Sylvia came to me through a recommendation from another agent. When speaking with her that first time, I quickly observed her high degree of professionalism and savvy understanding of my neighborhood. Once we started working together, she patiently explained to me what to expect of the selling process and answered all of my questions (and there were a lot). She engaged me as a participant in selling my home— I never felt as though I was being directed what to do or that I was simply an observer—by frequently communicating with me, letting me know what was happening and what would come next. This was very important to me, that I was included in the process and not contacted only when “something” came up.

Sylvia has exceeded my expectations in terms of both sales price and a smooth selling process.


Home Sold: 5036 Silver Reef Drive, Fremont, Ca 94538 

Date: September 26, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****

-Kimmie A.


Sylvia Wong was my selling agent when I sold my house in Sunnyvale, CA. I found her to be highly capable, responsible and ethical. She has keen insight at the real estate business that she was able to provide fact-based, accurate and trust-worthy information and suggestion. Due to my complicated family situation, Sylvia was demanded very tight timeline and unusually large amount of work under a limited budget and a high expectation on sales price. She listened to my concerns, and worked very hard to get my best possible solution. She successfully exceeded my expectation at the end. I highly recommend Sylvia without reservation.
Sold: 1141 Lafayette Drive, Sunnyvale, CA
Testimonial: October, 2014 
Rated Sylvia's Service: ***** 
-Kevin Yeung & Zhao-Hui Zhang


Sylvia was our selling agent, and she sold our house for a wonderful price in a very short time. When we were looking for the right agent to sell our home of 28 years (in Irvington), we wanted someone who has great business mind and savvy understanding of the local market. She brought her team, including painter and stager, to prepare our house in the eyes of buyers. We had 300+ potential buyers during the 1-weekend open house and she got us 26 offers above our desire price. Sylvia went beyond our expectation and helped us tremendously in dealing with various lenders and got us the best solution. We were so pleased with the outcome.


Home Sold: 4388 Fern Terrace, Fremont, CA

Date: June, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****


-Brian Santos


Dear Sylvia,
Thank you a lot for your extraordinary help to us to buy a great house. As new comers to US, we know a little about America, you introduced a lot of habits, regulations and knowledge about this country, then we can get used to the new environment so fast under your kind help.
The most important thing is that we are very impressed by your professional knowledge, experiences and honesty as a house broker, your rigorous and earnest but flexible work attitude is also unforgettable. You Always take into account the interests of your clients and Tried Your Best to fight for the interests for us. I want you to know how much we appreciate your help, it is our honor and we are lucky to have you as our agent to buy our first nice house in America. If my friends want to buy houses in America, I will not hesitate to recommend you to them.
~ Raymond & Ray Yang 
Home Bought: 19 Canyon Hills Court, San Ramon

Date: August, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: ***** 

-Mr. & Mrs. Yang


"Sylvia helped my grandparents purchase a home last year and my grandparents were very happy with her service. When I decided to buy my first home in Fremont, my grandparents highly recommended her to me. Sylvia was very helpful and patient. She showed us many houses, and explained to us the pros and cons of each home. She eventually helped get the house that I want in a short period of time. I would highly recommend her to any buyer

Home Bought: 4803 Wheeler Drive, Fremont, CA 94538
Date: July, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****


- Jimmy Zeng



"Dear Sylvia… The painter you recommended did an excellent job! You picked the right color and style of carpet that complemented the décor and elevated the look and style of the entire house. The staging made my house look not just beautiful, but so natural and believable!”


“I love the colorful flyer that you prepared for the open house – it totally presents all desirable features of our house to buyers… The mortgage work sheet that you have attached to the flyer certainly would help buyers see how affordable it is.”

"Wow! Thank you so much, for getting us a fantastic offer in less than a week. If I knew it's that easy, I would have sold this house long ago!  I am very, very happy with it!”

Home Sold: 5298 Makati Circle, San Jose, Ca 95123

Date: May 1st, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****  

-Robin & Joseph Hanna



"We knew Sylvia from Open House and we were impressed with how friendly and sincere she was. She helped us get the house we want in the Irvington School Area. She is trust worthy and I would not hesitate to work with her again in the future. I would recommend her to my friends and my family.
Home Purchased: 42514 Fern Circle, Fremont, CA 94538
Date: July, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****

-Anna & Raymond Huang



"I know it’s a big challenge to sell my condo, because the HOA fees are high and the complex had some old issues. Thank you so much for holding many open houses and never giving up on marketing. I am so glad that it is SOLD! Now I can focus on finding my single family home. "
Sold: 3865 Carter Drive, Union 302, South San Francisco, Ca 94080
Date: April 22nd, 2014 

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****

-Winnie L.


"Sylvia, the pictures, flyers and video are wonderful! Thank You for representing our Home! I want to buy it!!

You did an amazing job showing and writing all of our Santo Family assets. It will be easier to leave our house and close this chapter.

I'm glad something leads me to meet you.  You are the perfect person for this Challenge!"

Home Sold: 4388 Fern Terrace (Irvington School), Fremont, Ca 94538 

Date: March 28th, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****  

-Brett Santo


Wow, the place looks great! The professional pictures totally sell it. Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this - managing the remodel, selecting the right material and right colors and a great staging. We definitely couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again for everything!! We couldn't have sold it this quickly at such a great price without all of your help!!


Home Sold: 5689 Makati Circle, Unit C, San Jose, Ca 95123

Date: February 28, 2014

Rated Sylvia's Service: *****
-Elaine Yue/Daniel Hembree


 “Dear Sylvia … We are doing good and settling down in our new home in Pleasanton. Thanks for all your help getting us a house in great school district in such a competitive market!"
Home Bought: 4759 Sutter Gate Avenue, Pleasanton, CA
Date: December, 2013
Rated Sylvia's Service: * * * * *
-Girish & Kirtee Y.

“Thank you very much, So-Yi! … Your last ditch efforts worked and the sellers really appreciate your efforts and like working with you. You are a great agent and I really appreciate all your efforts on my behalf (especially while on vacation!). If my friends and relatives ever ask me for recommendation of a great agent, that will be you!”
Home Bought: Single Family Home on Westminster, Fremont, CA
Date: October, 2013 
Rate Sylvia's Service: * * * *
-~ Jia Yau

First of all, I would want to say that Sylvia has done an outstanding job in presenting her buyer’s offer to us. This has been one of the most difficult real estate transactions that we have ever dealt with since this home has been our pride for many years and it was painstakingly difficult to choose among several families who all love the home. And if it wasn't for her dedication and persistence, we might have chosen a different buyer.

Home Sold: Single Family Home on Westminster, Fremont, CA

Date: August, 2013



“We have used Sylvia to assist in both purchasing and selling a home. Both transactions went terrific and smooth. She was very helpful with every step. This was the third home we purchased. None of the agents we had used for purchasing our first two houses was as helpful as Sylvia. She guided, advised and supported us through the entire process. We were very happy with Sylvia's work for both the buying and selling of our homes and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a quality real estate agent.”

Home Bought: Luxury Townhouse in Dublin Ranch, Dublin, CA

Date: June, 2013

Home Sold: Single Family Home on Rome Street, San Francisco

Date: July, 2013

Rated Sylvia’s Service:* * * * *
-Fey Chen & Si-Ying Zhou


Sylvia is a strong negotiator. In a very tough market for buyers, she knows what to do to get the house I want, at the price I want. When I found the house that I liked, she was quick to act when She is also a relentless negotiator. She listened well to learn what the sellers need and then worked those terms into an attractive offer with the price I was willing to pay. She also negotiated for repairs for me – almost impossible in the red hot seller’s market. As a result of her effort, I was able to get a beautiful home that I like at below market price.

Home Bought: Single Family House on Lin Gate Court, Pleasanton

Date: June, 2013

Rated Sylvia's Service: ***** 

-Banzhong Xiao


We found a house that we liked with Sylvia’s help, but had to sell our current home first in order to buy the new home. We were nervous about the situation. She acted quickly to help us prepare the home, take professional pictures, and it on MLS with both pictures and video. Sylvia did all that in 4 days! She held two open houses personally and prepared beautiful brochures to highlight features of our house. On the 5th day, we got multiple offers over the asking price!!  

Home Sold: Single Family House on Dowe Avenue, Union City

Date: May, 2013

Rated Sylvia’s Service: * * * * *
-Ronald Chan & Annie Chen


Sylvia helped me buy one condo in a very competitive market this spring. She knows the local market, understands the dynamics in the buying process, very responsive in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. Finally, she was able to negotiate the best deal possible under that market condition. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to any potential property buyers.

Home Bought: Townhouse on Union City Blvd, Union City, CA

Date: April, 2013

Rated Sylvia’s Service: * * * * * 

-Mark Lu